Oliver Lopez

Hi there, I'm Oliver

I'm a frontend developer, open source enthusiast and a casual tech writer. Welcome to my digital garden where you can find some of my thoughts and blog posts related to JavaScript, React and experiments with Next.js.

Some Cool Blogs!

Creating a Contact Form with Next.js and Formspree
The fastest way to create a contact form for your Next.js website
Jul 26, 2021
πŸ“– Β 7 min read
How to create a custom search filter on pure React
Learn how to build a custom React search filter for your apps
Feb 21, 2021
πŸ“– Β 9 min read
The 3 masks of this.setState
A look into one of the most classic and useful React methods
Jun 17, 2020
πŸ“– Β 5 min read
Conditional Rendering With React Hider
A minimalist library based on conditional rendering foundations
Jun 7, 2020
πŸ“– Β 3 min read