Airbnb Clone

An Airbnb Clone app but for discovering famous Mexican locations.


  • React Native

  • Expo

  • Node.js

  • Heroku


  • iOS

  • Android

Project purpose

Build and app to test real-time location features and native maps integration on Android and iOS, using the Airbnb official app as a reference on UI design, In order to understand how the cross-platform integration works and try out the Reanimated API creating a couple of animations.

Stack explanation

I decided to go with React Native because of my past web and frontend development knowledge and experince with React, but I start this project with an Expo managed workflow in order to test and run the app and test on different devices.

In this case the backend was a single server based on Heroku that handle different endpoints for different places and their coordinates on the map, using the GeoJSON format to render everything from a single place. the user's favorite places were stored on the device local storage.

Solved problems

Integrate a well performed behavior on the API and real-time location services, create a global state handler for map relocation and store last searched locations and favorites places, handle the GeoJSON encoding on plain latitude and longitude parameters.


Thanks to this recreation I was capable to understand how should be handled a map location system and make it dynamic through server requested API endpoints, other bullet points were the best understanding of Reanimated API and gesture handlers behavior.