Kluu is a delivery service startup based in Queretaro, Mexico. It provides different products and services from everyday customer's groceries to businesses and restaurants supplier.


  • React Native

  • Expo

  • GraphQL

  • Azure/Firebase


  • iOS

  • Android

Project purpose

Build a cross-platform mobile application that provides products and services to the client layer, creating a user-friendly UI with component reuse in mind and make it work with the API layer, payment services and inventory database that can support thousands of users.

Stack explanation

I chose a React Native Expo based stack for its developer productivity advantages, expo plugins, built-in package integration and compatibility, as well as an easy to work with development and production environment, animations and interactions were built with Animated API and a custom design system for the UI.

For the API layer we decided for GraphQL thanks to the multiple endpoints integrated to the inventory management system (Saleor) which is hosted on Azure Cloud and we used Firestore and Firebase Auth to handle user profiles and sessions. last but not least the use of a react native stripe wrapper was essential to build the payment system.

Solved problems

Create a functional solution that can handle thousands of concurrent users with a dynamic and custom UI on Android and iOS. Solve all the styling and functional inconsistencies between two platforms, create an understandable navigation flow and code refactoring and optimization.


I learned a lot of how to design API, plugin integrations and query optimization, but was a great experience to create everything from scrath with React Native, understanding how to keep a good cross-platform design consistency and saving a lot of time with Expo and EAS services, but learning a couple of new things of custom native module comfiguration through Xcode and Android Studio.