About Me

Hi again!, I'm Oliver and I'm a software developer, rookie barista and an enthusiast tech writer. I'm a part-time freelance web developer and full-time information systems student.

I want it to share everything I know, learn and discover through blog posts in order to help other developers succeed on their learning paths and I will document my entrepreneurial adventures and life experiences around software.

I usually spend my time exploring outsides, learning new skills, reading new books and playing videogames. Other topics I enjoy rather than software are science, entrepreuneurship, genomics and everything about coffee.


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My Tech Stack

This is the technology stack I use the most on my daily work

Brave Browser

The private browser, I even have a crypto BAT wallet and can jump between search engines like Google and DuckDuckGo.

Duet Display

A cool display sharing app to use when I'm not at home and because I have an old iPad not compatible with sidecar.


My favorite design tool by far, I use it for architechting UI's and create design systems.

iTerm 2

It's the best macOS terminal replacement and one of the fanciest terminal I've used, the first app you must download when you get a mac.


I love to deploy on Vercel, you can just deploy in seconds, it's really insane and the DX it's awesome. Just develop, ship and preview.


A powerful framework to build modern React websites.


Oh My Node!, I'm really involved with node.js environment.


The super app where I manage my life and workflow.


My default SQL based ORM, it helps me a lot with database building and modeling and it's really fast.


A super secure email client and my favorite one.


The JavaScript Framework!. Naa, I'm joking it's just a pretty cool library ;).

Tailwind CSS

A compositional CSS framework that increases developer experiece. It’s like writing CSS on steroids.


Netlify is an awesome serverless hosting provider, it makes you really productive and let you deploy fast as hell.


My favorite, powerfull and secure messaging client.


Sometimes I need a VPN, Tunnelbear simply does the job.

Visual Studio Code

Best text editor for web developers and one of the best for everyone else.