UG groups

UG groups is a fresh social network to support all University of Guanajuato students and connect communities.


  • Expo

  • React Native

  • TypeScript

  • Nest.js

Project purpose

Create the #1 social network app for University of Guanajuato, improving academic digital experiences and connect students with their communites.

Stack explanation

I built this site using React, Next.js and Tailwind in order to iterate faster on the go, giving the development team the flexibility to maintain easily every component. Other bullet points on this stack is the perfomance improvents and SEO features built-in saving a lot of development time.

With React and his hooks for state management were really helpful in order to create the animations and intersection observer events and the 3D model was built with Three.js. last but not least for the contact form service the right choose was the Formspree API that is intercontected with multiple email clients implemented through Next.js API routes.

Solved problems

Integrate a customizable user experience, implement best practices to increase SEO, web crawling and better perfomance in order to reach more customers. Integrate the core business website in a serverless environment and decrease and improve the loading times.


It was my first time bulding a model with Three.js, this project just confirms that a serverless environment are really easy to inegrate with third party services and thanks to Next.js we approach to a better DX and saving a lot of time in the process.